It is a good idea to leave your pets at home during the Fourth of July fireworks displays that we humans enjoy so much.

Here are some tips from by Lisa Spector to provide a safe holiday.

  • Make sure your dog or dogs get plenty of exercise.
  • Keep them inside. It is not a good idea to bring him/her to the fireworks or keep your dog locked in a vehicle.
  • Provide a safe and enclosed area, like a crate, with the windows and the curtains closed. From, this is helpful for cats also. Place some familiar clothing or a blanket with them to help them feel safer.
  • Leave something for them to do, like a frozen Kong with treats.
  • Make sure your dogs/cats are micro-chipped or wearing proper ID tags on their collars. Dogs/cats have been known to panic and run away because of the loud noises.

Sound therapy and sound therapy with desensitization may also help.

Some products that could help reduce stress include:

  • The Original Anxiety Wrap - it uses acupressure
  • The Thundershirt - providing a gentle constant pressure.
  • Canine Calm mist

Of course, it is always a good idea to consult a veterinarian for any concerns or questions. Please leave your pets home during the fireworks and keep them safe.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July holiday with family, friends and pets.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.