I mentioned to my husband I could use some ideas, some sort of a topic to write about. The first thing he mentioned was the dog days of summer.

Well, what truly does that mean? So, I found out it may truly fit the next few days because it is the sultry part of summer. That means early July to mid-August with heat and humidity.

Here's a little condensed history from wilstar.com.

In ancient times, people would connect the stars. The constellations were eventually mapped out by the Europeans. The images in the sky included Gemini (twins), Taurus (bull), Canius Major and Canius Minor (dogs).

Sirius - Canius Major (big dog) - was the brightest star in the sky. Romans thought Earth received heat from it. The "dog star", Sirius, went with sun and the ancients thought it added to the summer heat and named it dog days after the dog star.

The constellations are not exactly in the same place as in ancient times, Sirius and the sun conjunction varies.

So, now dog days are July 3 to August 11 due to being the warmest part of the summer, not the heat from that other star so far away. Just the Earth's tilt.

The sun is shining above ...Think Happy Thoughts.