David Letterman is retiring after 33 years as host of The Late Night and later The Late Show. There was a tribute Monday evening, "May the Fourth be with you." I did watch some of his show and thought it was funny. I kind of wished I watched more, but I'm more of an early bird than a night owl. Sometimes I would take a nap before going to bed and that would wake me up so I would watch The Late Show with David Letterman. My husband did watch his show sometimes. Did you know Letterman started as a weatherman?

Ray Romano, whose career Letterman helped get started, hosted the tribute. I thought it was very good and had some "Oh, yeahs." Sometimes it was something maybe I had seen or heard about. Letterman was known for Top Ten Lists, and they did a highlight. I don't know how they picked that list. They also brought up his mom. I thought it was funny how Letterman would introduce her, "Ladies and gentlemen, my mom." And they sent her over to cover the Olympics along with a few other bits. Funny.

Letterman did a tribute to Johnny Carson when he passed away. Carson gave Letterman his first break. His monologue were jokes written by Carson. That was cool.

The tribute also brought up the fact that they would shut down Broadway and 53rd so they could do a few stunts, like hit golf balls or tennis balls to break windows, throw footballs, ride or jump motorcycles. They did a lot of crazy things.

Letterman's crew was involved. Biff would interview different people, Paul Schaffer and Letterman did some wacky things. He also found some business neighbors that were not afraid to talk on TV.

They remembered the "Stupid Pet/Human Tricks."

The tribute was 90 minutes and covered a lot. They could probably make a whole series of tributes and then we would be able to catch most of the shows.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.