This is the time of year for graduations, whether from college or high school. Congratulations! Way to go! Hooray! Yippee! Lots of luck!

My nephew graduated this weekend. One of the student speakers said in his short speech that he tried to get out of giving the speech by not writing it. That did not work; on Wednesday a teacher asked him if he was finished with it. He tried to get help from classmates, but that did not work either. He said the only reason he was giving this speech was because he was good at taking tests. Boy, was he nervous and boy, did he do a good job.

The chemistry teacher and one of the assistant football coaches gave an inspirational speech that could go for all of us at any time of our lives. His advice was what he has learned through the years and the hope was to tell the students so they would not take as long to learn it.

  • "Don't look back" because it already happened and you cannot change the outcome.
  • "Live in the moment." He gave the example, "I will be happy when ..." this is where you fill in the blank and then change the blank whenever the blank is fulfilled. Or just because you think there was a missed opportunity, there may be a reason for that ... maybe another opportunity.

My nephew's open house was the same day and there was also his Eagle Scout ceremony. That was pretty cool. My husband told me afterward that there were seven eagles flying in the background as the ceremony was going on.

So, grads, enjoy whatever comes your way -- more schooling, travel, work or service.

Job well done. Good luck!

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.