On Sunday before Labor Day, I was able to read most of the day and finished the thin book written by Richard Bachman titled "Thinner." I like to change up bookmarks for each book I read. So the one I was using was a little box flap with S.K.B.M. written on it. It sort of works because Richard Bachman is a pen name for Stephen King. Just one of those things.

So my husband and I were both thinking that it has been a while since we baked, whether cookies, bars or cake. Since it was still hot on Sunday, I thought Monday -- Labor Day -- would work because I only had to work in the morning and it would be a little cooler.

Well, I get home and we catch up on things, then I go to the kitchen and decide which chips to use and start chopping nuts.

When I started measuring everyone decided to see what was going on. The kitties may have been hoping for a crumb. No such luck, but they do like to have their say or maybe get into a little trouble.

We picked up a stray, I will tell you about him soon.

My husband soon followed and was talking away. I was putting in the brown sugar and then had to think back as to how much white sugar I put in because it was half the amount. I did test it, I think it was okay and continued. I half-heartedly, jokingly yelled at my husband. Good news, the cookies turned out to be tasty choco-oat cookies. Home-baked cookies freshening the air one home at a time.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.