What awesome weather we have had the past few days. Well, Sunday was windy to say the least. So nice, that the frozen river that I like to skate on has melted.

I instead decided to attend the "Once Upon a Blade - Adventures in Storybook Land" show with the Owatonna Figure Skating Club and Skate School at the Four Seasons Centre. They put on a great show with solos, groups and special guests; spinning, jumping and the other maneuvers that skaters do. The skaters were of all levels and school ages.

Now, I can walk backwards and drive backwards, but I am not able to skate backwards, so watching even the little ones skating backwards was pretty cool. I was maybe a tad bit jealous but mostly impressed. On another note, how do they keep their bearings after spinning like that?

The Rochester Rhythm and Blades Novice Synchronized Skating Team, ages 13-17, were there. That was cool to watch. I did not know there was such a thing. I've heard of synchronized swimming but not skating.

The ninth-grade boys hockey players also joined in on the fun and had some time on the ice with the Figure Skating Club.

At the end of the show as the skaters were introduced, they went from one end of the rink to the other. As the hockey players were introduced, they skated fast and sprayed the girls with shavings. The girls then pushed the boys down. I am sure it was planned but it was still funny.

During the show and in the program, it was mentioned summer skating will be starting in June. Owatonna Skate School offers basic skills lessons to learn fundamentals. The Owatonna Figure Skating Club offers private lessons for those who want to learn the advanced art of the sport.

Here's a link to their website: Owatonnafsc.org.