The wind was the story on the first day of April, with the red flag warning, wind advisory and with the possibility of storms. The storms did come late Wednesday night. Thankfully, they were not severe.

I took some footage hoping for a good show of lightning. It was still early, so it wasn't quite as much of a display. The wind was still blowing, as you will be able to hear in the first part of the video. When the rain came, I headed for the house.

Standing by the window, I eventually put the camera closer to the screen so what you hear is just rain. Loud, but just rain. The mics on those cameras work pretty good.

It seemed like the thunder was louder after the wind and rain passed, but by that time I was drifting off to sleep.

So, here is 10 minutes of video shortened to less than 40 seconds.

Also, this is a good reminder ... April showers bring May flowers! Along with the mowing and gardening season!