Here's Glen. Glen is our Kat Kountry 105 Kountry Kat of the week. Glen was found wandering around with his brother and sister and they're now in foster homes awaiting adoption. He's a very social cat and would love it if someone would adopt him and his brother Darryl so they can stay together. I'm not aware of another brother Darryl though. He's currently living with one small dog and two large dogs, so he gets along well with other pets.

Glen has been vaccinated, vet-checked, neutered and dewormed.

You can check out the other cats and dogs looking for good homes at the Steele County Humane Society webpage.

With this heat wave we're experiencing, it's all the most important to make sure your pets have an ample supply of fresh water and shade. Don't forget your big animals. A refreshing breeze from a barn fan can make a big difference and it helps to keep the flies away as well.

Photo courtesy of the Steele County Humane Society.