Position Sought

Name: Bob

Type of Work Desired: hunting mice

Qualifications: Enjoy hunting and the outdoors. I also like being inside

Passions or Interests: I enjoy going green. Mice should be disposed of naturally, not with poison but by good old-fashioned hunting.

Major Accomplishments: I completed the 12-step Catnip withdrawal program in just 10 steps.

Marital Status: You can't legally ask this but I'm a confirmed bachelor with no children and I'm sure I never will be a father.

Expected Compensation: A platter of warm milk and some attention.

Contact Information: Just click on the Steele County Humane Society web page to find me and find out about other cats and dogs looking for a good home.

My name is Bob. I'm the Kat Kountry 105 Kountry Kat of the Week and I really want a new home.