June is Dairy Month, a time set aside to salute the dairy industry and say thank you to all the hard-working dairy farm families in Minnesota. June Dairy Month actually started in 1937 as National Milk Month. Back then cows typically calved in the spring so they would be in peak production early in the summer when the pastures were lush and productive. A group of grocers came together to start National Milk Month as a way to sell extra milk. By 1939, June became the official dairy month.

As a way to educate and promote the dairy industry, the Rice County American Dairy association again this year is sponsoring Dairy Trivia. Each weekday morning about 6:25AM I will announce the question. Give me a call on the studio line at (507) 333-4222. The first caller with the right answer will win a pair of coupons for Dairy Queen Blizzards! Special thanks also to Dairy Queen International for helping sponsor Dairy Trivia on KDHL. By the way, I recommend Snickers Blizzards!