Some dates in history are a bit more interesting than others. Here's a few things that happened on April 8.

I'll start with a trivia question and give the answer at the bottom. Forty-four years ago this week a rock band sold out an entire week of shows at the Carnegie Music Hall. A rock band had never done this before. Name them.

In 1766, the first fire escape was patented on April 8. It consisted of a burlap basket and a pulley and probably didn't sell too well.

John Lynde patented the first aerosol can on this date in 1862 and April 8, 1879, was the first date you could purchase milk in a glass bottle.

April 8 is significant for baseball players. In 1969 the first major league game in Canada was played when the new Expos beat the Mets. In fact all four expansion teams won their games on April 8, 1969. In addition to the Expos, the Padres, Royals and Pilots all won.

Forty-one years ago today I was glued to the TV, and maybe you were, too. That night, Hank Aaron broke the Babe's home run record with the 715th of his career.

The answer to the trivia question is the group Chicago. This week in 1971 they became the first rock group to sell out an entire week of shows at Carnegie Hall.