I don't know what else to use for a title... I'm alive...and the last few weeks I've learned  more and more about how close a call I had. To the point, I apparently suffered a heart attack or attacks sometime without realizing it. I kind of think I had 3 on 12/12 and 12/13. Either way it meant triple bypass with one blockage at 100% and I'll be off work for at least another month. When one takes a blow to the breadbasket like this, it causes one to think back, to reflect, when did I have my heart attack/attacks? I've learned of two other people in just the last two weeks who also had heart attacks that went unnoticed. I've suffered from heart burn for years, yet I'm now focusing on three "stop dead in your tracks" bouts of heart burn over a two day period. I recall looking at my watch and realizing I had been standing still with arms at my side for 10 minutes in the barn. That's probably way too long for heart burn?  Yes, I see you, the person nodding your head and saying " when in doubt, call 911" and a few saying " Loren, you ought to know better than that and take those kind of chances". Go back to the top of this and replace the "I' or "Loren" with your name... Now it's a little different, isn't it? I have plenty of time to blog so I guess next up will be how a heart attack can bring spouses closer(and I ain't writing no mushy stuff!)