How did you do? It was a little different to see another view of Owatonna, right? Here are the answers according to Google maps.

Picture 1: Owatonna Fire Station, 107 W. Main St.

Picture 2: Owatonna Public Library, 105 N Elm Ave.

Picture 3: Steele County Administration, 630 Florence Ave.

Picture 4: KRFO AM/FM, 245 18th St. S.E.

Picture 5: Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, 320 Hoffman Drive

Picture 6: Owatonna Post Office, 209 E. Broadway St.

Picture 7: Owatonna Incubator, 1065 24th Ave. S.W. This is actually their Facebook page.

Picture 8: Steele County Courthouse, 111 E. Main St.

Picture 9: Owatonna Public School, Superintendent District Office, 515 W. Bridge St.

Picture 10: Owatonna City Administrative Building/Owatonna Arts Center, 540 W. Hills Circle/435 Garden View Lane. It is the same building with a few different businesses/museums.

Hope you had fun.

Now you can find anyplace. What was fun for me, I used the same page and then typed in the place and watched the business indicator move to the spot. Try it.