Shame on me... to think it took this long before I really appreciated the skills and efforts needed in being a good babysitter. Do you remember the first diaper you changed?  I was single and in my 20's when my neighbor Pete asked me to watch their three kids. They were either desperate or more likely cheap, as they knew I wouldn't want anything. The middle child wouldn't go to sleep. My nose offered up a clue as to why. Oh well, I have to get my feet wet someday. Since the diaper has three openings and two of them are the same size, I realized I had a 50/50 chance of getting it on right.  Alas, the tabs wouldn't stick!! Like a bad actor in a sitcom I see a roll of scotch tape on the table.  Well that wouldn't stick either but it would stick to the little guys leg. So I scotch taped his diaper to his legs... Pete and Cindy wouldn't realize till the next day.  When it was my time for fatherhood, things went well and I suspected my babysitting days would be over for 20 years or so till grandpa time arrived. Nope... My nephew broke his neck in a car wreck and his wife flew out to Denver to be with him. The Empty Nesters now have charge of 5 year old Aubrey, 3 year old Jake and 11 month old Gavin.. As of July 20th I am now a babysitter again.. The kids brought along their blow up pool. That should be a good diversion. I get it ready and splash!!  In goes, hairy and with four legs. I can't blame her, why go to water when it comes to you. Our old dog would regularly go down the road and wade in the drainage ditch to cool off. She's rolling and splashing all over. After she gets out, I throw the kids in the pool anyway. It can't be any worse than swimming in a pond or river can it? At least I know Marley has had her shots.. Last Sunday was my day to solo as everyone else had to go somewhere. I do have one outside person to stop in and help me out. Sunday morning and it's time for Gavin's formula. (parents make sure you write EVERYTHING down for your sitter to the finest detail). The box said mix one teaspoon with 4 or 5 ounces of breast milk. I'm stumped..I feel like a Norwegian at a Mensa convention.Does my wife have skills I wasn't aware of?  Should I use the 2% in the fridge? I just add warm water with the teaspoon and he sucks it down.  I figure this breast milk part will certainly get me off the hook if I'm wrong. My outside help stops by and informs me I should have added this stuff from another box to the formula. Well, what's done is done. Let's talk car seats.. they ain't like they used to be. I remember just pulling the safety belt through, buckle and you're done. Not anymore. They're hooked through a bunch of goofy clips that go down and around the back of the seat. It doesn't matter as I can't figure out how to buckle it either. We'll stay home. Jake wants milk. He says he can pour it himself. No you..too's all over the table and the floor and it reaks!!  Somebody got the milk mixed up. The good 2% must have gone to the barn cats Saturday night and the spoiled cats milk wound up in the fridge. We continue on. I've been told my nephew will be able to continue his rehab as soon as a room opens up in Rochester. One good thing though, little Jake really likes my cheese head!! I may have a convert!!! Go Packers!!