How was your weekend? Many people are getting ready for Easter next weekend: buying groceries, getting new clothes and stocking up on Easter treats.

I went with a neighbor and one of my sons down to the Progressive Northwest Sportshow at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Our first experience of the trip was because of another event going on at the convention center, parking around the center was going fast. It's always interesting heading in to this show. In most of the middle of the arena there are many resorts all asking for your vacation money. And many different people selling tackle or grills, or fishing rods. Then on the ends of the arena you could find lots of boats -- fishing boats, ski boats, pontoons, personal watercraft and more. And on the other end, some RVs ranging in price from $65,000 to $150,000. Garden tractors of all sizes, and lots of food, seminars and more. One of the seminars was done by Tackle Terry Tuma, who has a show on KDHL Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. He is such a good presenter and does a great job of keeping it interesting.

Since the first part of Sunday was raining, I just spent some time on indoor things and touched base with some friends and family. Hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be.

Have a great day!