Sounds like we get a break in the warm weather for a few days. We need to remember to keep our pets and animals cool during heat waves. Here's a look at how some of the fur-bearing creatures adapted during this recent spurt of hot weather.

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    Ginger has the right idea. She not only spreads out on the cool ground, she also works on her gymnastics routine so she can get a cool breeze on her tummy.

    Ginger, my old mouser lives in my playhouse but she knows it's best to come out into the shade on a hot day.
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    Marley looks like she's dead but she's just all sprawled out on the cool lawn.

    Marley enjoying the cool ground on a hot day.
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    The kittens just kick back in the cool cement milk house. I'm not too sure how cool the pair sleeping in the bowl together are though.

    Kittens cooling it in the milk house.
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    During the real warm snap a couple of weeks ago I broke down and decided to let Aspen use my 1954 Vornado. Now she won't give it back. That old fan really blows.

    Aspen likes my old Vornado fan.
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    Of course humans need to keep cool. I broke down and bought an above-ground pool. We're the first on our road to have one. Both neighbors glare jealously when they pass by. Notice I even have a diving board. I'm throwing a pool party for my fellow KRFO/Kat Kountry 105 employees. It'll give them a chance to take a dip and cool off. The schedule will be:

    Tuesday: Rich

    Wednesday: Tamara

    Thursday: Brad

    Friday: John

    If you want to come on the day you're not scheduled, go ahead, but you'll have to use our old pool instead.(it's that green one to the right)

    OK, the pool is actually for our great niece and nephews.

    It does paint a funny picture with John or Brad sitting in that little tiny pool. Stay cool.