I have had the great pleasure of working with Farm Director Jerry Groskreutz since December 2006. We have done parades, live broadcasts from the Rice County Fair, traveled to some FFA conventions and more. He somehow can operate on very little sleep, where I can't function with less than four hours. He'll do anything for anybody, he's a great parent and husband, and knows his stuff when it comes to agriculture. And, of course, he is more frugal than Jack Benny was for those who remember him, and he is always in search of a great meal, as long as he does not have to pay for it.

Jerry, I wish you all the best on this your 60th birthday. May you have many more, and I look forward to more adventures together.

Give Jerry a call at (507) 333-4209 or drop him a note at jerry.groskreutz@townsquaremedia.com to wish him a happy birthday.

Jerry's John Deere birthday cake. Tamara Gruhot / Townsquare Media