My daughter Hannah's years as a college student are officially over. Though she graduated in December and has been working since March, she didn't receive her diploma until this past Saturday at South Dakota State.

Out of the thousands in attendance it was quite a coincidence they we wound up sitting behind a couple from our church. Later we saw another couple of friends walk by and wave. The world is small.

Just before the ceremony, one of the nursing grads collapsed to the floor. Her fellow nursing students all backed away and made way for the EMTs on hand. We found it a bit amusing that all these new nurses backed away from a person in need of medical attention but I understand that wouldn't have been the proper procedure.

This was my first college graduation so I was quite surprised by the funny looking outfits, hats and props that the college staff was adorned in. I kept thinking of the Alice in Wonderland characters. It would have been far more entertaining if the president and the deans had hopped into the gym in bunny suits. They are Jackrabbits after all. It's supposed to be a fun time.

Good luck to my daughter in her new career of taking soil samples, plucking weeds and writing reports and doing research in the fine state of Iowa.

As to an explanation of my horrible photo, I'll let you guess.

Here are your choices.

1. I just got the bill

2. I'm still not awake from the two-hour ceremony

3. I'm auditioning for a job as a casket mannequin