Update: The Steele County Sheriff's Office is advising no unnecessary travel because many roads are covered with water. Sand and unfilled bags are available at the City of Owatonna Public works for those who are experiencing flooding.

Road closures in Rice and Steele counties:
County Road 21 at 270th Street East is closed
County Road 45 at the Rice and Steele County line is closed
28th Street Southeast and 44th Avenue South East in Owatonna is closed
7000b 92nd Avenue Southwest is closed
3000b 82nd Avenue Northwest is closed
Highway 14 closed near Waseca

Road closures from the Waseca County Sheriff's Office and Highway Department:
Highway 13 south of Waseca
County Road 2 near Farmamerica
County Road 2 between 17 and County Road 3
County Road 63 between County Road 6 and 8 and County Road 6 and 20
County Road 3 south of Janesville
County Road 3 north of Janesville
Reeds Lake Road at the new culvert
County Road 27 near Airport
County Road 75 bridge washed out near a Roger Haley’s residence (around curve)
County Road 75 just east of County Road 9
Old 14 by Keislers down to one lane
County Road 5 near Woodville Cemetery
County Road 4 at County Road 29 south.
County Road 76 half a mile south of 22
County Road 29 closed half-mile south of County Road 9
County Road 28 two miles south of Highway 30
County Road 4 west of Wilton Bridge – road washed out and completely gone
County Road 12 just north of 64
County Road 51 half of a mile south of County Road 12 – road is gone and washed out
County Road 51 north of County Road 15
County Road 41 south of Loon Lake
County Road 5 near 35
County Road 41 one-half mile south of University
County Road 4 south of pink school house
County Road 3/County Road 9
County Road 35 south of Iosco Church
County Road 33 north of Le Sueur Bridge
360th Avenue west of 50th Street
343rd Avenue and 50th Street
440th Avenue near Iosco Township

The authorities recommend drivers not go around barricades. They have been placed because roads are impassible and unsafe for driving.

According to the city of Faribault Facebook page, The mayor of Faribault has declared a local state of emergency, which will allow the city to respond to flooding to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. An update of the flooding situation will be given at the noon meeting today.

Six years ago today on September 22 the rain began to fall, causing numerous problems along with flooding in Owatonna and the surrounding area. Here we are in 2016 and as of 6AM Thursday morning, 5.2 inches of rain had fallen at the studio since Tuesday night's storm; 3.9 of those inches have fallen since noon Wednesday. A farmer east of Owatonna confirms the same as he reports a bit over 4 inches so far since Wednesday afternoon.

There's at least one report of as much as 9 inches in Waseca County. Reports of flooded basements and water over the roads are also a concern this morning in Rice, Waseca, and Steele counties. Parts of the Twin Cities metro reported 6-9 inches of rain by late Wednesday with of course more that fell early this morning. Some homes in the Waseca area were evacuated due to flooding. The Waseca Airport reported 13.9 inches of rain over the last 48 hours.

NRHEG schools have called off classes today due to the numerous roads with water running across them. Waseca public schools and Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton schools also are closed today.

Motorists are advised to be cautious for not only water but other debris that may have washed up onto area roads. I know this morning on the way in, I encountered quite a bit of debris including branches, roots and stumps that had washed onto Highway 3 just south of the Hope campground.

The flash flood watch remains in effect until 7PM. A flood warning is in effect till 5PM.

More rain is in the forecast for today and tonight. The storm caused Kat Kountry 105 to go off the air on Wednesday and again Thursday. We hope to be back up and running shortly.