I was able to kick my fenders and get something to fall off my car..by that I mean ice or snow chunks..I figured I better clarify as the old beater has 323,500 miles on it.. Each winter we usually get a few days that some ice will fall down from under the fenders, but not this year.

I finally got cleared to go back to work starting Monday. The cardiologist asked a lot of questions. I basically told him I  didn't do much other than walk from studio to studio and talk to myself. He said "that sounds like my Uncle Myron".  No, his uncle Myron isn't in radio. He's 103 and lives in a rest home. He did tell me my heart looked pretty healthy and he said who knows? you might live to 110. Of course then you'll probably come back and complain that your teeth didn't last. My wife said she plans a big party. I asked about possible dates and she told me it doesn't matter as she isn't inviting anyone to it anyway? Wonder what that means? I haven't been that big a pest hanging around the house all these weeks have I?  Well, I feel pretty good and it'll be good to get out of the house and do something for a change.. however I don't think it'll be till I can crack open a chicken breast and eat it without flinching that I'll know for sure that I'm entirely back.

The re hab nurses made it clear that they expect me to keep exercising. They really nailed me good though as they made sure my wife heard them say this.  So I  guess I have to choose between exercising  or laying around on a couch and run the risk of losing my hearing.. she's got a voice..

Back on Monday I guess.