Director of Public Relations of the Steele County Free Fair Todd Hale was in for Fair Talk on KRFO AM1390 on Thursday, July 16. His guest was Angie Jensen, one of 12 committee members from Aurora Lutheran Church.

The Aurora Diner on the fairgrounds is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. The Aurora Lutheran Church built the the food stand from a request by the fair board. It was to serve food near the barns. The only inside-sit-down diner on the fairgrounds was built in two weeks in 1965. There were additions in 1972, 1984 and 1988 was the final addition.

At first the food was all prepared at the homes of the members, but in 1988 with new regulations, a kitchen was added to prepare the food on site.

The members begin making all the homemade crusts for the pies this month and the meat will be prepared a week before the fair.

During the SCFF and the 50th Anniversary, the Aurora Diner will have a few of the prices rollback to 1965 and also an item here and there will be fifty cents.

The Aurora Diner has many members that help during the fair, along with many local groups that will help during the fair. They will get a portion of the profits. The Aurora Lutheran Church will also make donations to community service groups. The profits will also go to make improvements to the diner.

  • Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Owatonna
  • Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Owatonna
  • St. John's Lutheran Church in Claremont
  • Owatonna High School French Club
  • First Lutheran Church of Blooming Prairie
  • Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatonna

Jensen added that it cookbooks will be on sale.

Angie Jensen and Todd Hale. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media