One sign we look for to mean spring, of course, is the first robin. I have not seen one yet. With this nice weather, they will be here soon. Other sure signs would be flowers: iris, daffodils and tulips. Really the signs are everywhere. Here are a few more:

  1. The street sweeper. When the street sweeper goes by and cleans up the curbs of all the sand and leaves that is a sure sign of spring. The snow is mostly gone -- good and bad.
  2. Watch for motorcycles. Lots of motorcycles on the road and kids on bikes, too.
  3. Being able to open the windows and letting the fresh air in, unless you have allergies. Sorry. Our young kitty Zeke did not sleep most of Tuesday as he went from window to window taking it all in.
  4. Jerry mentioned signs of spring for him was moving the farm equipment around. For me, a citified country person, seeing the farmers on the road is a sure sign of spring.
  5. One more sign, clocks spring ahead. Good or bad, the debate and discussion continues.
  6. Enjoy the weather. The official first day of spring is March 20.