People were racing to get into the Triton High School on Saturday. Part of that was due to the ferocious wind that plagued an otherwise nice day.

When they made it inside they found more than 100 businesses and organizations from around Dodge County. The 18th annual community expo attracts several thousand people from around the county and beyond. In fact, businesses from outside the county request the opportunity to put up a display during the event, but expo organizers are keeping it as a showcase of Dodge County groups.

Dodge County 4-H set up an activity where kids could form an aluminum foil boat and see how many pennies they could load into it before it sank. Potential new home owners could find about the city of Claremont offering free lots for people who want to build and live in a home in that community.

During our Kat Kountry 105FM remote broadcasts, I learned quite a bit about the Mantorville Theater. They are a busy group that is currently running No Sex Please, We're British and will put on a series of melodramas this summer. Kids in attendance at the expo enjoyed a scavenger hunt, a Cookie Monster-costumed character and henna tattoos. The south gym hosted the Triton and Kasson-Mantorville dance teams along with several Just For Kix dance classes.

I also found out that the Dodge County Fair will host the 9/11 Never Forget Exhibit presented by the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. A different Dodge County fire department will help host the display each day of the fair, July 13-17 in Kasson.

Several vendors shared with me that the event is more than just a chance for businesses to show off their products and services. They look at it as a big neighborhood get-together. Some businesses really like the fact the event is just a one-day expo, making it easier to staff the booth and still getting the word out about their organization to a large number of area residents.