Wow! I was shocked at the announcement yesterday that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were getting a divorce. They just celebrated their fourth anniversary in May. What were your thoughts on this? I thought everything was great and wonderful. And, of course, they are both scheduled to appear (at different times) at WE Fest in August.

Hours after the divorce was finalized, rumors swirled that Lambert was unfaithful to Shelton. He had once thought she was messing around with Chris Young, and more recently with some other man who is not famous. Another site said the breakup was due to the fact that Lambert did not want to have children.

Lambert's mother, according to TMZ, was surprised about the announcement.

Shelton has his music and touring and, of course, doing the TV show The Voice takes up quite a bit of time.

You sometimes wonder if the pressure of being famous and those tough schedules is just too much for some couples.