I try to gauge the attendance at the Blooming Prairie Fourth of July celebration by how far away from the park there are cars parked. This weekend several streets had cars parked all the way back to Highway 218. It's been several years since I've seen that many cars. Becky Nobel from the Chamber said she had several people guess about 30,000 came to Blooming Prairie for this year's parade.

Diane Nelson won the Aunt Bea award as her pickles were judged the best in the first pickle contest. She won a ribbon and a prize. I'm not sure what the prize was, maybe a night on the town with a Barney Fife lookalike? I can't think of a pickle contest without thinking of the Andy Griffith Show. After all, it's an old fashioned Fourth of July isn't it?

I saw an interesting color scheme, a '56 Chev painted orange and gold. Nice.

One thing that really caught my interest was a gal wearing clothing to coordinate with her tattoo. She wore a sleeveless shirt with most of an eagle on the back. Then she had the tips of the eagle tattooed onto her shoulder blades. Hence part of the image was on the shirt and the rest on her shoulder in the form of a tattoo. I'm not sure why she did this. Maybe she could only afford a couple of small tattoos of eagle wing tips and then bought a t-shirt to match?

Either way the weather was great, and hats off to all of those who helped organize the the Old Fashioned Fourth of July in Blooming Prairie.