The suspect in a Friday robbery of the First National Bank in Hope was detained after a high speed chase through Oklahoma and Texas early Saturday morning.

On Friday morning at approximately 8:30 the First National Bank of Hope reported an armed robbery by a single male. The suspect fled the scene in a black Charger-like vehicle with tinted windows.

During the investigation it was determined that an employee working for a local trucking company was observed driving a vehicle matching the description. The vehicle was in danger of being repossessed, so an investigator with the Steele County Sheriff's Office was familiar with it.

Alfredo Frias Alverez was identified as being the owner of the vehicle. Attempts to locate him at his residence in Waseca were unsuccessful. Law enforcement officers were able to see inside the residence and noticed that someone had left abruptly.

The Steele County Sheriff's Office issued an 'attempt to locate' on Alfredo Alverez and the vehicle he was believed to be driving.

Just after midnight, Steele County authorities were informed that an Oklahoma state trooper was behind a black Charger with the Minnesota license plate of the suspect. When an attempt was made to pull the vehicle over, the driver sped away. After approximately a 40 mile chase with speeds near 150 miles per hour, the Texas State Patrol deployed stop sticks.

The lone occupant of the vehicle, Alfredo Frias Alvarez, was taken into custody. Texas troopers provided the Steele County Sheriff's Office with photos from the scene of a distinctive sweatshirt that matches the description provided by Hope Bank employees. There were also photos provided of a large amount of currency, organized by demonination, consistent with the money stolen from the Hope Bank.

The vehicle is being impounded in Texas for further search and processing by the FBI.

The Steele County Sheriff's Office appreciates all assistance in apprehending Alvarez.