Craigslist has lots of free things, but you have to be careful that you are not just getting someone else's junk. Here are some things on the Rochester Craigslist that I would use if I needed them, because hey, after all, they're free.

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    Projection TV

    I know they are old and outdated, but what basement or garage man cave couldn't use one for great year-round sports viewing?
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    If your old stove is on the way out and you don't have the cash right now to replace it, a free stove, as long as it works and is in good condition, will do. In the case of gas stoves, might want to have a knowledgeable person check it for leaks.

    Rochester craigslist
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    Glider Rocker

    My daughter just had a baby. She could use this glider rocker.

    Rochester craigslist
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    TV Armoire

    A free armoire/TV stand can add to a room if you have the space and it looks nice.

    Rochester criagslist
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    A slightly used recliner is good for the man cave. Just make sure it's from a clean home so you don't bring anything else home with it.

    Rochester craigslist
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    Maybe your man cave sofa is worn out.

    Rochester craigslist
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    Leave as-is or pick up some globes at the thrift store or home improvement store and you've got light.

    Rochester craigslist