I kind of think the days of taking selfies is coming to a close. I never quite understood why since most people have mirrors. I made a mistake and googled "selfie images." Pretty disgusting. So many people feel the urge to take a selfie when in a state of disrobe or even completely naked.

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    You're doing it wrong

    I figured I might as well try doing it at least once. I screwed up on this one. If this should happen to you, here's what you do: Holding the camera in place without moving it, rotate your body 360 degrees and then your next shot should work.

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    Try again

    Ish! I liked the first one better. Is that why people are usually naked when they take a selfie? They're trying to get the viewer to focus on another of their shortcomings instead of their ugly mug?

    If I saw this guy approaching me on street at night, I'd duck into an alley.
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    Don't sneeze

    This one is interesting. I sneezed and apparently caused the camera to shoot off center. That's Rich the salesman in the background. He was just told that he didn't make budget.

    Poor Rich. I hate seeing a grown man cry.
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    Too much flash

    I tried another shot and this time purposely shot off center. What's that? I thought our sales director Kris liked me. Hmm. The things a guy can learn when taking selfies.

    What people do and say behind your back!
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    The first selfie

    I've certainly gotten some interesting shots with my off-center selfies. I plan on heading down to the Farmers Market this Saturday with my camera. I'll then, in my best Steve Martin voice, announce "Well, I think I'll take a selfie of myself." I have to say this, otherwise people will think I'm pointing the camera at them. It should draw attention away from me. Little do they know!

    I'm going to try a few more off center selfies. I need to know what's going on behind my back. By the way, this is an actual selfie taken by my grandparents in the 1920's. They'd place a Brownie camera on a fence post and trip it with a stick.