The Guinness Book of World Records recently updated their website to list Blossom as the World's Tallest Cow. Blossom was certified in October. The Illinois cow stood 6 feet, 4.8 inches.

I've included a photo of our John Connor, who is 6-foot-5, standing in a doorway to give you an idea of how tall Blossom stood.

When Blossom's owner discovered that Blossom was infertile, she decided to keep Blossom as a pet instead of sending her on a trip to the slaughter house. Patty Hanson of Orangeville, Ill., wound up with quite a tourist attraction.

This May, Blossom passed away after contracting a leg issue. She was buried in the pasture facing the barn where she lived for her 13 years on Earth.

Blossom broke the previous record of 6-foot-2 attained by a cow from 1906-10.

Click on the link to view a YouTube video of Blossom, the World's Tallest Cow.