Congratulations to the winners of prizes from Owatonna Motor Co. for their top three finish in the KRFO Million Dollar Bracket Challenge.

No one local won the million-dollar prize with a perfect bracket. Although the Kentucky basketball team is about to contribute several million-dollar athletes to the NBA. In fact, the top three finishers, and almost everyone else, in the KRFO contest picked the Wildcats to take the title. Duke beat Wisconsin for the NCAA championship on Monday night.

First place: Vern Wilker of Owatonna with 44 points

Second place: Barry Diamond of Plymouth with 43 points

Third place: Wizardroger (the screen name for the contest) with 42 points

Wilker wins a certificate good for $500 off the purchase of a vehicle from Owatonna Motor Co. Diamond wins an auto detailing. Wizardroger will get three free oil changes from Owatonna Motor Co.

Many people out-scored KRFO's Roy Koenig, who finished 14th in the standings.

KRFO would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. We hope you play along next year.