I know that odds are I won't get to see Super Bowl 100. I would be 103. But you have to wonder with all of the issues surrounding the concussions of football players past and present, will the game be able to continue. I hope it does.

I got to thinking about this during the game on Sunday. As they talked about players that are suffering from injuries yet, about past players who have Alzheimer’s, dementia or other brain or spinal injuries. And then I see an article today, that former Viking quarterback Joe Kapp, who lead the Vikings to their first Super Bowl appearance, is now suffering from Alzheimer’s and planning on donating his brain for research.

According to the Star Tribune article, Kapp is among those that have sued for damages and won a settlement from the NFL. But the award is on hold pending appeals from some players. Last week, researchers released information about another NFL quarterback, the late Oakland Raider legend Kenny Stabler, saying he showed signs of a degenerative brain disease known as CTE.

The article also stated that the federal Center for Disease Control, reported that football players are four times more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s than the rest of the population.

There was at least one player for Carolina knocked out of the game yesterday with concussion symptoms. What does his future hold? I am not trying to say football should end. But is there ever going to be a better form of protection, or is it impossible to prevent this type of injury?