I was randomly doing a search about Minnesota and came up with the question, why is Minnesota so liberal? To get answers to this question, which here on caucus day I was suddenly interested, we need to turn to a publication called The Hill.

According to The Hill, because of our history of supporting Democratic presidential candidates and the DFL's control of the legislature, are a few of the reasons, along with others that Minnesota is so liberal. But we are only second on the list. To determine how we are, The Hill took a look at all the voting trends and history of all 50 states. Here is what they found out.

This is what the site says about Minnesota specifically:

Voted for Democratic president in last seven elections; two Democratic senators; five out of eight House representatives are Democrats; past three governors have been one Reform Party member, one Republican and one Democrat; Democratic-controlled Legislature.

Here are The Hill's 10 most liberal states:

1. Washington
2. Minnesota
3. Oregon
4. California
5. Rhode Island
6. New York
7. Massachusetts
8. Maryland
9. Michigan
10. Wisconsin

And in case you were wondering which states are the most conservative:

1. Alabama (most conservative)
2. Alaska
3. Idaho
4. Kansas
5. Mississippi
6. Nebraska
7. Oklahoma
8. Utah
9. Wyoming
10. South Carolina

The other interesting thing is that we are apparently "closet" liberals. According to the Gallup organization, only a little more than 23 percent of Minnesotans will admit to being liberal. Nineteen states have a higher percentage.

The main thing is to get out and express yourself at a caucus near you. And vote how you feel, not how you think others feel.

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