It's hard keeping track of all the presidential candidates and where they stand on the issues. Each year it gets a little harder for me. It's at the point where I choose the lesser of two evils. I still think the idea of drawing names for president deserves consideration.

How about this? When watching a debate it seems there's always one candidate who has to cut in and get their two cents in out of turn. I suggest each of the candidates get a keyboard and they have to type in their response, which would appear on a big screen. The key to making this work is to duct tape all the candidates' mouths shut. They'd have no chance to interject out of turn, unless they can really type like a wildfire. I bet more than one candidate's face would turn red and their eyes would bug out.

Actually if you click on this link from Vote Smart, you can get an idea on which candidate best matches up with your views. You can click on each candidate and see their responses to questions on the issues. You can also pick a question and see who matches up with you. For example, choose whether you support or don't support gay marriage and then the candidates that agree with you pop up.

Give it a try, it beats sitting at a desk and getting some work done.

Vote Smart (formerly known as Project Vote Smart), founded by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, is powered by more than 8,000 students and volunteers of both major parties, third parties and independents.