It's been stated that by the time the Mayo expansion updates are completed, there will be an estimated 45,000-person workforce shortage in the 11-county, southeastern Minnesota region. About 20,000 of those jobs will be in Olmsted County alone.

There will be a series of roundtable events coming up in the area, including one in Owatonna. There will be keynote speakers from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development along with professionals from all over southeastern Minnesota in attendance. The goal of this SE MN Together gathering is to identify workforce issues that businesses either are or will be facing and how to address this issue.

The event for Dodge, Rice and Steele counties will be Thursday, November 12, from 11AM to 4PM at the Owatonna Country Club.

Visit the SE MN Together website to find out more and to reserve your spot. Space is limited and as of a couple days ago, about two-thirds of the seats had been taken.
This SE MN Together event is funded partially by a grant from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation based in Owatonna.

There will be an event in Owatonna in November to discuss how and where to find qualified workers.