Summer is flying by and already we are into August. Despite the looming deadline of back to school for many, and fall on the horizon, there is plenty of great weather left to enjoy this year! A while back, I asked people to submit their favorite place to camp, and the results are in! 

For many people, one of the absolute best ways to spend our brief northern summer is to spend as much time as possible outdoors. When the sun goes down and the stars come out, you have the option to head back to your home for the night, or you could grab your gear and camp in the great outdoors.

People's ideas on camping vary greatly. Some are backyard campers. Others prefer to go glamping (glamorous camping with amenities like generators, lights and other luxuries) at music festivals. Some prefer the more rustic feeling of walk-in campsites deep into the wilderness. With a few months left (technically, you can camp almost any time of the year, and winter camping is growing in popularity, but that sounds far too cold for me) to set up the tent and sleep under the stars.

So I wanted to know where you like to camp in Minnesota, and I got few responses that I thought I would share with you! Among specific campgrounds, suggestions included Brookside Campground, Hope Oak Knoll Good Samaritan RV Park in Hope, Minn., and Hidden Bluffs in Spring Valley. One person told me that if they wanted to sleep on the ground, they wouldn't have purchased a home. Music festivals draw large crowds of campers in both tents and RVs. Several suggestions were made that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is the best place to set up tent. Other suggestions included along the north shore of Lake Superior and staying in the state parks.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions!