Now that Thanksgiving is in our rear view mirror and Christmas shopping has begun in earnest with the annual Black Friday shopping chaos, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, which for many online retailers started last week or before, it's time to also think about Christmas decorations.

Now I'm not talking about the small displays that the average homeowner puts on each year. You know the ones I'm talking about, a string of lights from the eaves, a couple of blow up or plastic figures in the yard and a wreath on the door. I'm not bashing you if that's what is in your yard, it's the same thing I do every year. It looks pretty.

But I'm thinking more about those massive displays where the whole house and yard is covered in lights, Christmas characters and whatever Christmas fare they can get their hands on. These are the displays that have to be planned out months in advance and probably double or triple their December utility bill and they glow like a small city on the night's horizon.

With that said, if you or someone you know has a place that is decorated to the hilt for Christmas I'd like you drop me a line at and let me know where it's at and the hours it's lit up. I'm willing to travel a little ways, so it doesn't have to only be in or around Faribault. The sooner I find out about these Christmas light meccas, the sooner I can get out there and take some pictures with the Power 96 listeners.