Before the internet, the words you thought you heard in a song were just that. Right or wrong, what words you thought the artist was singing was it. There was really no way to confirm what you heard. I remember a few examples from many years back. Hall and Oates had a song out called "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight." I can recall the debate on Twin Cities radio as to what they were saying. I remember one suggestion was "I'm not washing the linen." The actual line they were singing was "I'm not talking about moving in." Another one I remember was Sammy Kershaw singing "Third Rate Romance." I even got calls about the phrase "low rent rendezvous." A number listeners didn't know what he was singing.

Let's take a look at a few other country songs and what's in the lyrics.


  • 1

    Tyler Farr: "Better In Boots"

    This is the song that got me to thinking. Tyler Farr sings a line about "putting your little casings on." Casings? I was sure he didn't say caseins. Yup, casein is a word, go look it up but it's not what he's singing. Maybe it's like a cowboy boot. To the internet I go and learn he's actually saying "Lucchese." Lucchese is a type of boot. I didn't know that. The folks at Lucchese are probably happy with the free plug.

  • 2

    George Strait: "Run"

    Car and beer references are pretty common in country music. In George Strait's "Run" he mentions to take a truck, take a Chevy.

  • 3

    Alan Jackson: "Mercury Blues"

    While George Strait mentioned taking a Chevy, Alan Jackson went all in with his song titled "Mercury Blues." They quit making Mercs just a few years after the song came out.

  • 4

    Chris Young: "Aw Naw"

    I learned another new word in Chris Young's "Aw Naw." He mentions another shot of Patron. I had no idea Patron was a brand of tequila.

  • 5

    Lee Brice: "Woman Like You"

    Of course there are plenty of references to beer brands. Lee Brice gives a plug to Bud Light in his hit "Woman Like You"

  • 6

    Jason Aldean: "Take a Little Ride"

    Jason Aldean works in a double plug in his hit "Take a Little Ride." He not only mentions Chevy, but he also mentions Shiner Bock. Ever heard of Shiner Bock beer?