Some heavy showers and thunderstorms moved through the area this morning. No severe weather was reported but the area did receive some pretty good rain. There is a risk of severe weather across parts of southern Minnesota late this afternoon and tonight. Mainly east of I-35

Here are some of the rain gauge reports from the area:

  • 1.24 inches, reported by Herb Sellner on Roberds Lake Road
  • 1.4 inches, reported by the Estrems in Nerstrand
  • 1.5 inches at French Lake, Hunts Lake, east side of Faribault and Glennview
  • 1.7 inches at Walcott Township
  • 2 inches at the Truckers Inn
  • 2.2 inches in Lonsdale

Watch out for any flooded roads and corners. Remember to keep your headlights on if it is raining and we will keep you updated here with any further information.