Today, February 10, in history includes man vs. computer chess game and avalanche in France, according to

Garry Kasparov, from Azerbaijan, was born in 1963. At 13, he was junior chess champion in the Soviet Union then World Chess Champion when he beat Anatoly Karpov at age 22.

As people followed on the internet, Kasparov took on a six-game regulation match with IBM computer Deep Blue in 1996. He lost the first game. Kasparov eventually won three times, with two ties. Kasparov took home $400,000.

A regulation game means each player has two hours with 40 moves, two hours with 20 moves and one hour to finish the game.

During a rematch in 1997, Kasparov won a game, Deep Blue enhanced won two games then three ties. The computer won the $700,000 prize. Kasparov retired in 2005.

A nonprofit youth organization operated a resort in Val d'lsere, France. In 1970 a sudden explosion-like sound caused an avalanche that rushed into the resort, killing 42 people, including three workers on the hill.

French President Pomidou declared a national tragedy. More avalanches followed after it was ordered resorts in the area to be evacuated.

Also in History today:

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  • In 1972, Ziggy Stardust's career begins and it was actually the launch of David Bowie's career