On this date, Aug. 5, President Reagan fires air-traffic controllers, American Bandstand goes national, the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed and, in 1861, President Lincoln imposes the first federal income tax, according to history.com.

It began in the mid-1950s, the United States and the Soviet Union discussing a ban on nuclear testing. Later Great Britain joined. In 1960, close to an agreement, an American spy plane was downed over the Soviet Union, ending negotiations.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, talks began in 1963. Signed on Aug. 5,1963,  the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty prohibits the testing of nuclear weapons in outer space, underwater or in the atmosphere. France and China were asked to join but refused.

On Aug. 3, 1981, more than 13,000 air-traffic controllers went on strike after negotiations failed with the federal government. President Reagan said he would fire within 48 hours any controller that did not return to work.

Two days later on Aug. 5, following through, Reagan fired more than 11,000 and banned them from being hired by the FAA.

In Philadelphia in 1952, a popular show Bandstand was on TV hosted by Bob Horn. At age 26, Dick Clark began hosting in 1956 and had ambitions that it could go nationwide.

In 1957, American Bandstand with Dick Clark could be seen at 3:30PM. The program featured high school gym bleachers and playing the popular music with teens rating songs and dancing while wearing the latest fashions.

Other history on this date, Aug. 5, includes:

  • In 1948, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake caused landslides killing 6,000 people and injuring 20,000.
  • In 1944, 348 Jewish prisoners in Warsaw were freed when Polish insurgents liberated a German-forced labor camp.
  • The first electric traffic signal light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914.