Well, the dear wife said she wanted us to do something for our anniversary this past weekend. I knew that meant out of state or at least out of the county.. Seems like the only time we're out in public is when we're far from home. Is that by design perhaps? She's going to take me to the craft show she's selling at and then we'll do something together. Off we go Saturday... a scenic 2 hour drive before dawn on I90 to Lacrosse. It's 9 am and only 7 hours to go.. 118 booths of wreathes, fleece jammies, swag scarves etc.. more than a guy can handle. One vendor was even selling U of Nebraska mittens. I happened to catch that on my 7th walk through the gym. I took a little break and walked across the grounds and took in a 4th grade flag football game...It's 4pm and it's over and off to the motel.. Loren, do you wanna come with me to the fabric store? Oh boy...ah, sure I'll go with you.. Well, maybe you'd like to stay in the motel instead. I'm going to two fabric stores... I'm weakening...two stores??? Loren,look! there's a bar next door, maybe you'd rather go over there while I shop for fabric. Whooo! she suggested it!!! I see an opening and I'ma gonna take it!!  OK, my foot is kind of sore and you'll only be gone 20 minutes or so, I choose the bar.. I find a seat by the window with a clear view of the highway north. I check my watch and 3 minutes and 4 seconds later her van disappears around the corner and out of sight. File it away Loren!! I suppose the other customers thought I looked like a guy stood up on a date as I didn't take my eyes off that window. An hour later, here comes the van. The triple bypass surgery comes in handy now, I'm back in the motel with my shoes off and Superman on the tube when she enters the room. We go out to eat at a buffet. It's been a while since we've taken in a buffet. We eat like two feral cats trapped in a slaughterhouse dumpster and then return to our room for an uneventful evening. I know what you're thinking... well if it was eventful I sure ain't gonna say. Up the next morning and I say let's get home... Loren, I told you we weren't going straight home...Well, we didn't, we went to a motel.

Off we head towards Winona.  Loren, aren't the leaves pretty? I wanna say " yup, just like at home but I'm old and wise. I answer, yes dear.  Loren, look at those up on the bluff.  I wanna say, we could go home and throw a blanket in the ditch across the road, sit on it and look UP at our trees, but I'm old and wise and answer yes dear.  We stop at two rummage sales. I buy a food dehydrator for 2 bucks. I don't need a second one but thought I should buy something or else she'll think I'm not enjoying myself.

Finally we're heading home...Small problem though.. one car, one Packer fan(me), one Viking fan(her) and one radio... We comprise and listen to the Viking game...It seems like it always turns out that way? I wish I'd asked my dad more questions about women. Home by 3pm and I'm standing in the stalls with wheelbarrow and manure fork. I really don't like pitching manure but there are worse things..ha ha, yes there are..yes there are...yes there are..