Being so close, relatively, during our recent Las Vegas vacation, we checked out the Grand Canyon and traveled a short way along historic Route 66. I couldn't get enough.

To make the trip more interesting for the kids, we road the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Ariz., to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and back. I imagine it's the only train that stops on purpose to let the bandits board.

Words and pictures cannot do the Grand Canyon justice. It is a natural wonder too immense in both its size and grandeur to truly capture. If the Grand Canyon hasn't been on your bucket list, it certainly is worth adding.

Due to the train's arrival and departure times, we didn't have enough time to hike or take a donkey ride all the way to the bottom. And there are plenty of trails we had to skip because of those time constraints. I could spend all day just gazing out over the vastness anyway; no matter how much time you spend at the Grand Canyon, it won't be enough.

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