The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announces the start of the waterfowl hunting season September 26. Take a Kid Hunting weekend coincides with it.

In a news release, the DNR's waterfowl specialist Steve Cordts says, "This is a great year to get out into the marsh, especially if you haven't been duck hunting in the past few years...numbers look strong compared to our long term average."

Hunting opens 30 minutes before sunrise on Saturday, Sept. 26. The duck season is open for 60 days in each of three zones. In the south zone, duck season runs Sept. 26 through Oct. 4. The season reopens Oct. 15 and continues through Dec. 4. This includes the teacher's conference time when many schools don't hold classes.

Minnesota's goose season runs during the same period.

The DNR's outreach program to encourage youth participation runs Sept. 26-27. During Take a Kid Hunting weekend, Minnesota resident adults can hunt without a license when accompanied by a child younger than 16. All limits and regulations must be followed.

Waterfowl hunting season in Minnesota begins September 26. Photo provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources