John LaDue was charged two years ago for plotting a massacre at the Waseca High School. He is asked a judge Tuesday for a felony conviction instead of spending 10 years on probation. That request was granted.

LaDue pleaded guilty last fall to one count of possessing an explosive device, had agreed to the voluntary probation in an attempt to keep a felony conviction off his record. If he successfully met the terms of the probation, the felony would be reduced to a misdemeanor.

He's been living at his parents' house under a bunch of probation conditions. They include daily check-ins with a probation officer, weekly appointments with a mental health therapist, monthly appointments with a psychiatrist, monitored internet access, orders to stay away from certain friends, and community service work.

LaDue just recently got his driver's license, but it has been difficult to make appointments in Mankato, and the polygraph tests he has to take are $300 each.

According to the Star Tribune report, he feels his chances of his getting a job he wants are better with the conviction than they are on probation. And because he has already served the time for his crime, his request today to forgo probation for the felony conviction is likely to be granted.

His parents, once targets, are standing behind him. His father has even started a GoFundMe camapign to help the family move away from Waseca.

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