I ran across the video above on YouTube. What makes it fun to watch is knowing that these young men playing high school basketball in 1967 are either on or almost on Medicare.

I included photos of the '67 and the '68 teams with player names below. I've been told it hasn't been that many years that a high school basketball team's dark uniforms and white uniforms would have the same number. You'll notice in these photos that the Indians' dark uniforms were odd numbered and the white uniforms are one number down to an even digit.

To make it easier, I've matched up some of the numbers from the pictures to the video.

  • 45 is B. Jungbluth
  • 15 is J. Bohnhoff
  • 21 should be K. Flower
  • 33 is C. Spitzack
  • 55 is P. Knutson

I don't know how the game turned out, but at least according to this short footage, Faribault was shooting a lot better than Owatonna.


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    1967 Owatonna High School Indians

    The 1967 Owatonna Indians basketball team.

    The OHS basketball team from 1967. Photo from yearbook.
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    1968 Owatonna High School Indians

    The 1968 Owatonna basketball team.

    The 1968 Owatonna basketball team. Photo from the school yearbook.