Underhand pitching. No leading off base. No fielding gloves. Those are a few aspects of baseball in the 1860s. A vintage game between Owatonna and Rochester will be staged July 12 in Owatonna.

An old-time baseball game has been part of the Historical Extravaganza for about a decade. Each year a group of locals plays the Rochester Roosters. The game is scheduled for 3PM on Sunday, July 12. The entire extravaganza runs from 11AM to 5PM. The team to represent the Owatonna Aces is still seeking players. Call Jerry Besser at (507) 451-5196 by July 8 for more information.

Players wear uniforms in the same style as they would have in 1860, and use replica balls and bats. The game will follow the rules of that time. Each inning consists of three kills (not outs). Catching a fly ball or pop fly on one bounce is an out (I mean a kill). If a player, or fan, questions the top hat-attired umpire, a fine of two bits will be assessed. Read more about vintage baseball.

A team of locals will challenge the Rochester Roosters during the Historical Extravaganza on July 12. Submitted photo