The Steele County Historical Society will again host a vintage base ball game during its annual Historical Extravaganza at the Village of Yesterday on Sunday July 13.

Vintage Baseball returns with the game being played at 3 p.m. Watch the Rochester Roosters take on the Owatonna Aces in an authentic game, circa 1860. Cheer on our local players. We are looking for more participants, so if you’re interested in playing, please call our office at 451-1420 by July 8th. (Click here to read the full story on the Historical Extravaganza.)

Vintage base ball is played under the rules of the game as they existed in circa 1860.

  • Underhand pitches
  • No fielding gloves
  • No leading off
  • Catching a ball after one bounce is an out (or a kill)
  • Uncomfortable wool uniforms
  • Outs are called 'kills'
  • Base ball was two words
  • No million dollar contracts!