I thought you might enjoy seeing what the studio looked like when I walked in Monday the Fourth of July about 4AM. Everything was dark except the two computer screens and the little lights on the board. There was no one else in the building until about 7AM. It kind of reminded me of heading over to the farm about the same time. Everything  would be dark except the lights in the freestall barn. I would have my routine of turning on the lights, start the milking equipment sanitizing  and check the maternity pens. Then I would walk through every barn to make sure the stock waters and the cattle were OK.

I have my routine here too. Turn on the lights, make sure we are on the air, update and print the weather forecast, check the computer screen to make sure everything looks right and then check to see what corn and beans are trading at in the overnight session. Growing up and all those years as a dairy farmer, I always had a radio on. I have always been fascinated with radio too. At that time I never ever thought I would be in radio and on the air. Not to mention knowing which button to push to get the right program on the air let alone on time. Then I thought, yes, here I am, up at 4AM on a holiday working. Kind of like being a dairy farmer isn't it? Well, other than getting out of bed at about 3:15 each morning, radio is a lot less work than being a dairy farmer!