How about a house that stands out? A unique house will make it easier to find for family and friends that come to visit.

Instead of the usual, "The third house on the left," you will be able to say the orange house, or the A-frame house. Maybe the one with a princess tower. Something that they will say, "Yep, that one."

A square or rectangular house is easier to decorate, too. Where the house a little out of the ordinary, to paraphrase my brother, would be a "decorating challenge."

There are a few unique homes available in Steele County. One is at 247 Mann St. in Owatonna, also one in Blooming Prairie, 307 Second St. N.E.

The Blooming Prairie home has the craftsman wood trim, which looks very cool. One thing I noticed were the wooden spider webs in the corner of the archway. The uniqueness may be inside more so than outside. The princess tower really adds up to more space and also a few stained glass windows.

The Owatonna home is an A-frame home also has some squareness to it.