Perhaps this past Sunday marked the first time two NFL teams recorded victories while being led by quarterbacks named after auto parts. Tyrod Taylor did the job for the Bills in their win over the Colts. Cam Newton led the Panthers to victory over the Jags. If Brian Axel Hoyer had done better for the Texans it would have been a trifecta.

Let's see if we can build a Carr (David) using names of past and present NFL'ers.

To keep the engine dry, you'd need an Estus Hood who played for the Packers. All cars need cables like a Tom Cable, who played guard for the Colts. To warn of impending danger, you could lean on your Joe Horn, who played for the Saints. If wet weather, you could turn on your Don Wiper, who played back in the 1920s for Columbus. If it gets dark, turn on your Matt Light, who played guard for the Patriots. All cars need shields for bugs or wind. How about Willie Shields of the Chiefs? Let's add Rod Woodson, formerly of the Packers. We'll have to settle for a car with just one Tyre -- Jim played offensive line for the Chiefs. Of course if you want to go anywhere your car will need a Donald Driver. And  Perry Fewell, who coaches for the Redskins, to keep your car or team running.

Have you got any other names of NFL'ers that are car parts?

I feel good as I've wasted a lot of time at work today.